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TUR 2015 - Stage 4 - Fethiye - Marmaris

30th April 2015 Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey
2015 - Fethiye - MarmarisThe crowds were out in Fethiye to cheer on the cyclists, as they got ready for the start of stage four of the presidential tour of Turkey.Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey (Turkish: Cumhurbaşkanlığı Bisiklet Turu) is a professional...
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Which country has the highest happiness factor? Where does Turkey rank?

28th April 2015 Last week the third annual World Happiness survey results were released by the United Nations. Switzerland was number 1. Followed by 2. Iceland, 3. Norway and 4. Denmark. Togo Burundi, Benin, Rwanda and Syria were the least happy. The study bases itself on data from Gallup and looks at variables...
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Can you really Trust the Information and Advice you get about living in Turkey?

27th April 2015 From the YellAli Content Management Team
Have you ever received the following information?•    Tapu - When buying a property the buyer does not need to worry about whether a property has living permission or not.•    Setting up a business - You can not...
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Gallipoli Battle's 100th Anniversary Memorial Service Programme

24th April 2015 Gallipoli centenary commemoration starts with peace summit Thousands gather to remember the fallen at Gallipoli centenary İstanbul Today's Zaman with Reuters Commemorations to remember the fallen for the Gallipoli centenary began with several events in İstanbul, including a peace summit that...
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Centenary of the Gallipoli Campaign and ANZAC Day – 100 Years

20th April 2015 At the end of this week the centenary of Gallipoli will be commemorated . With the 100th anniversary of the Anzac landings also comes the centenary of Turkeys victory over the Royal Navy in the Dardanelles campaign. The day is known as Victory Day or Martys day. The Gallipoli campaign lasted eight...
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e-Visa Turkey - Don’t be caught out by unauthorised websites

19th April 2015 Since the introduction of the new e-visa, thousands of holidaymakers have been successfully applying online for their e-visa's before travelling to Turkey.However too many people have been caught out by unofficial e-visa websites and don’t realise that these sites are not the official website...
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Impact of Turkeys June elections being felt now

14th April 2015 The June general election continues to drive uncertainty in Turkey 2 ½  months out.The Turkish Lira again fell further against the dollar approaching new lows as economic and political concerns continue to impact currency forecasts. In addition disappointing current account figures...
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Air travel in Turkey continues to surge in 2015

13th April 2015 Air travel in Turkey, both domestic and international, continues to surge in 2015, with the country’s national carrier reporting increased traffic and an increased global market share during 2014.
Proof of Turkey’s rising popularity around the world, the number of international flights...
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Strength of the Turkish economy – Update for month of February 2015

7th April 2015 The Turkish Statistical Institute provides an update on a monthly basis on the Turkish economy, outlined below is a selection of indicators that are of interest to foreign residents and investors in Turkey. March 2015 figures will be out at the end of April 2015.Did you know in February...
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Turkey blocks Twitter, YouTube over hostage photo

6th April 2015 Updated
Turkish authorities have blocked access to Twitter and YouTube over their refusal to remove photos of a prosecutor who was taken hostage by militants in Istanbul. After hours, the ban on Facebook and Twitter has been been lifted as both websites complied with the court ruling.A number of...
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