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Travellers to Turkey should take caution when purchasing evisa online

30th June 2015 Holiday makers to Turkey could face high fees when purchasing the tourist e-visa if they do not use the official e-visa website.Foreign visitors are required to purchase an entry visa when visiting Turkey and are encouraged to use the official e-visa website of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign...
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Today two years ago…….

29th June 2015  It is now 2 years to the day since YellAli went live and exploded onto the expat scene in Turkey.Officially registered as YELLALI Teknoloji ve İnternet Hizm. İç ve Dış.Tic.Ltd.Şti the core of the business is to provide useful advice & information and trusted business solutions to...
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Press Release Regarding the Terrorist Attack in Tunisia

28th June 2015 Rep. of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs
No: 187, 26 June 2015, Press Release Regarding the Terrorist Attack Perpetrated in Tunisia
We strongly condemn the heinous terrorist attack perpetrated today (26 June).in Sousse, Tunisia, causing many people’s death.
We wish God's mercy upon those...
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Turkish Health Insurance Continues to be an Issue for Expats

22nd June 2015 Private health insurance continues to be an issue for many expats in Turkey as they decide which policy to choose and who to buy from.Stories of people being mis-sold policies from insurance agents are rife and you don’t have to look far to hear these horror stories.For many though health...
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Alarming Misreporting of Tourist Safety in Turkey

21st June 2015 Last week the British news site 'Express' shocked many by publishing a glaringly inaccurate article about it being unsafe to holiday in Turkey, due to the risk of attacks by terrorists. To give you just a taste of this shameful scare mongering this is the first line of the article. “MILLIONS...
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Ramazan 2015 – Does it affect tourists?

17th June 2015 The Islamic holy month of Ramadan (called Ramazan in Turkey) starts tomorrow on the 18th June  and ends on the 17th July. The 30 day religious holiday is a special time for Muslims and if you’re visiting Turkey during the period of Ramadan don’t worry it will have a very minimal...
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Strength of the Turkish economy – Update for month of April 2015

16th June 2015 The Turkish Statistical Institute provides an update on a monthly basis on the Turkish economy, outlined below is a selection of indicators that are of interest to foreign residents and investors in Turkey.May 2015 figures will be out at the end of June  2015.Did you know in April 2015?
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Turkish Tourist Visa Explained: It's Simpler Than You Think

12th June 2015 The tourist season has begun and for all you holiday goers that means one thing a fun packed time relaxing at the beach. I mean visa, you can think about all the fun you’re going to have later, first let’s tackle the 'visa'.
So what is a Visa?
A visa commonly referred to as a Turkish...
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Shock election results have dramatic effect on Turkish exchange rates

8th June 2015 The surprise results of the Turkish general election have had a staggering effect on the currency exchange rate as the Turkish lira fell to an all-time low. At the start of the year 1 British pound was worth 3.6 Turkish lira and after the result 1 pound is now worth 4.3 Turkish liras, showing a...
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Are economic changes behind the slow start to Turkey’s tourism season

5th June 2015 Turkey’s coastal regions during this time are usually a very busy place as tourists flock to enjoy a relaxing holiday. Although this year, so far, seems to be quite a different story, as Turkey's costal resorts are strangely quiet.The tourism season starts in April/May and throughout May...
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