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Turkish lira gains strength against U.S dollar

27th November 2018 NEWS  UPDATE:
Turkish Lira gains strength against U.S dollar.
The Turkish Lira stands at 5.35 to the U.S dollar today, a big improvement gaining  1.3% in value.   A four month high.
Last week, the U.S. dollar lost 0.11 % of its value and closed the week under 5.29...
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One month left to benefit from the 'building amnesty' and to obtain a 'certificate of registry' Turkey

27th November 2018 One month left to benefit from the 'building amnesty' and to obtain a 'certificate of registry'Initially scheduled to end on the 31st of October 2018, the deadline for filing an application for İmar affı, the building amnesty for illegal buildings or buildings with unauthorized extensions, has been...
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Turkish Airlines Increase flights

22nd November 2018 Turkish Airlines Add New Flights
As part of the ‘Direct Tourism Endeavor’ Turkish Airlines have added some new flights to its international destinations.
This was initiated by the airline and the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
Additional flights have been added...
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Turkey's Interest Rates Predicted to Drop

22nd November 2018 Turkey’s Interest rates predicted to drop
Turkey’s interest rates are predicted to drop next month.  Berat Albayrak the Treasury and Finance Minister has projected.  He suggested a ‘record’ current account surplus for October.
 Turkey, which recently...
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Turkish Property Sales to Foreigners Jump 134%

21st November 2018  
NEWS UPDATE:  Turkish property sales to foreigners jump 134%
Turkish property sales to foreigners saw a big jump in October.  With a rise of 134.2% compared to the previous year.  The Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat) released the figures on Wednesday.
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Bike and Walking Lanes Increase

20th November 2018 UPDATE:  Bike and Walking Lanes Increase
Recent years have seen a large increase in the number of bike and walking lanes across Turkey.
Looking to promote and encourage ‘healthy living’ Turkey is seeking to expand its bike and walking lanes.
Murat Kurum the Minister of...
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Foreign currency can be used in property sales and purchases in Turkey

20th November 2018  
NEWS UPDATE: Turkey allows foreign residents to make real estate deals in foreign currencies.
Turkey has altered some of its restrictions on the use of foreign currencies when buying or selling property.  During the height of the economic crisis this year it was ruled that...
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Taxi Drivers MUST take training

16th November 2018 TAXI Drivers to Receive Training
Taxi drivers in Istanbul Turkey are to receive formal training.
Taxi drivers will need to have completed a training program to qualify as a taxi driver in Istanbul.  If any unauthorised taxi is caught driving customers without having completed...
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Turkey Bans Plastic Bags

14th November 2018 NEWS UPDATE: Turkey Gets Tough on Waste
Turkey Bans Plastic shopping bags
Turkey bans plastic shopping bags.  On November 13th a draft law was submitted to the parliament updating the regulatory regime for waste packaging.  The proposition is to ban free plastic bags in...
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3 Million Turkish Drivers Fined

14th November 2018 NEWS UPDATE:
3 Million Turkish Drivers fined in bid for safer traffic
Over 3 Million drivers in Turkey have been fined in a bid for safer traffic.
Turkey has recently cracked down on dangerous driving.  With more than 3 million Turkish drivers being fined and given traffic tickets...
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