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Minimum Wage Increased in Turkey

28th December 2018 Monthly Minimum Wage Increased in Turkey
It has been announced that the Turkish monthly minimum wage has now been raised to 2,020 Tl ($381) in a bid to level out the losses caused by the increased inflation rate (calculated as 25.25% in October and 21.62% in November.)
This was confirmed by a 15...
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Foreign Property Purchases Double

20th December 2018 Foreign Property Sales Double
Sales of property to foreigners have move than doubled over the last year stated the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) on 20th December.
A total of 89,626 properties were sold around Turkey, showing an increase of 27% according to TÜİK.
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Turkish Banks help reduce Interest rates on mortgages

19th December 2018 Turkish Banks help reduce Interest rates on mortgages
Turkish Ziraat Bank has announced its reduced set interest rate of 0.98 for mortgage loans.  Working with Investors Association (KONUTDER) other banks have expressed support also.  Vakifbank and Halkbank are on board, helping boost...
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Turkey Set to Attract 70 Million Tourists

18th December 2018 Turkey Set to Attract 70 Million Tourists
Tourism Minister Mehmet Ersoy has stated the plan is to double the amount of foreign tourists to Turkey by 2023.  He has vowed to move the country into the upper league in the sector by introducing more archaeological sites and promote the...
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18 December 2018 - Today is International Migrants Day

18th December 2018 18 DECEMBER 2018 – Today Celebrates International Migrants Day!
 “Migration with Dignity”
Since the earliest records were found migration has taken place, whether to escape disaster or simply move on to a better life.  With modern communications and transportation it...
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Major Golf Tourism Hits Turkey

12th December 2018 Major Golf Tourism hits Turkey…
Antalya on the Mediterranean coast has hosted over 120,000 golf tourists from 30 different countries in 2018 alone.  This trend looks like it will continue to grow and expand.
There are 16 golf courses in the town of Belek already, golf tourism in the...
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Turkey Gets Recycling!

11th December 2018 Turkey gets Recycling!
The bustling Istanbul metro station has made a great new addition…
Recycling machines that exchange credit for plastic are being fitted around the metro station.  This is a pilot project by the council to try to promote recycling around Istanbul, and then...
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Article on YellAli with Daily Sabah!

11th December 2018 Check out the Daily Sabah article on YellAli below...
We had the pleasure of being interviewed by the popular newspaper Daily Sabah about how the company began and the services offered...Thank you Daily...
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Turkey Grants 98,000 Work Permits To Foreigners

7th December 2018 Turkey grants 98,000 work permits to foreigners
It has been released by The Labor, Social Services and Family Ministry that Turkey has granted 98,000 work permits to foreigners from January to October this year 2018.
97,991 foreigners acquired work permits out of 122,115 applications in the 10...
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Turkey Ranked Champion In Digital Banking

7th December 2018 Turkey's Digital Banking Is Champion.
Turkey has been named one of the top 5 champions in current digital banking in Europe, the EMEA (Middle East and Africa).  Deloitte who ranked Turkey in the top 5, is one of the largest global tax consultancy companies.
38 Countries were assessed...
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