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Investors are flocking to Istanbul – Economic rise of Turkey

29th March 2018 As Turkeys economic center, Istanbul has a thriving $449 billion economy. The city is committed to strengthening its trade and commerce worth $192 billion and rapidly transforming into a regional fiancé hub in the mid-run.More than 58,000 companies have invested in TurkeySome of the large...
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YellAli and MGC Partnership

13th March 2018 YellAli and MGC legal - become partners to bring legal expertise advice to our many clients.
MGC Legal is a full service law firm based in Istanbul, Turkey, focusing on all aspects of business law matters in the country.
About MGC - One of the priorities of MGC Legal is to be online 7/24 and...
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Paying tax in Turkey for income in 2017

6th March 2018 In Turkey, as in any other country, people who earn money are supposed to pay tax on their income. Foreign residents who work or have businesses in Turkey usually have accountants dealing with the tax issues, but income from rent, capital gains for having sold a property, or – if the tax...
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