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Sales of Turkish property to foreign buyers increase by 23.8 percent

23rd November 2015

There’s been some exciting news for Turkey today as it was announced that Turkey’s property sales to foreign people increased by a huge 23.8 percent in October 2015, when compared to October 2014.

The data released by the Turkish Statistics Agency (TÜİK) also revealed that house sales in Turkey rebounded in October after a drop in September. There was an increase of 8.8 percent when compared with September 2014.

In October 2015 there was a total of 2236 properties sold to foreigners, according to the official data. Istanbul unsurprisingly was the most popular destination with 780 units sold.

Antalya was a close runner up with 567 units sold, the province of Bursa was third with 136 units sold and Yalova was fourth with 118 units sold. The Aegean provinces where also popular with both Aydın and Muğla hitting sales of 103 and 102 units respectively.

The highest percentage of foreigners buying homes was Iraqi citizens who bought a total 0f 430 units, this was followed by Saudi Arabians, Russians, Kuwaitis and British people.  

Total Property Sales

In October 2015 there was a total of 104,098 properties sold and just like with total sales to foreigners, Istanbul was the most popular destination with 18,468 units sold. Ankara came second with the Aegean province of Izmir coming in third.

However mortgaged houses sales in Turkey fell in October 2015 by 18.7% when compared with the previous year, with a total of 27,996 units. Istanbul was again the most popular destination with a total of 6117 units mortgaged. 

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