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Turkey drops five places in global gender gap rankings

24th November 2015

The World Economic Forum have released its tenth annual “Global Gender Gap Index” and it hasn’t been good news for Turkey, who have moved down five places to 130th. The index measures countries looking at where women are more likely to be able to participate fully in political and economic life and enjoy the most equal access to education and healthcare.

145 countries in total where part of the index, this placement puts Turkey amongst the three lowest countries in the Europe and Central Asia regions. Despite the move down the tables Turkey’s score did actually increase slightly when compared with the previous index.

The score is based on four areas of measurement: economic participation and opportunity, access to education, political empowerment and health and survival. Turkey’s final score was 0.624 points, following the point’s system 0 points means indicates total inequality while 1 point means full equality.

Economic participation was a notable area of weakness highlighted by the index, and so was the political empowerment area, in which Turkey placed 105th.  The index found that only 4% of government ministers are women, and that for every $100 a man earns and women only earns $80.

However there was some good news from the index, 47% of university graduates are women. And Turkey placed 105th overall in the access to education area while that may not seem impressive at first glance it scored high with 0.957 points, putting it above the average score. Overall scores where very high in this area with 38 countries sharing the top placement.

Turkey also placed 1st, alongside 40 other countries in the health and survival area of the index. So while Turkey’s scores have improved overall from the last index, the current placing of Turkey does show that despite the high points in certain areas its total progress is still quite slow.

The proportion of women in, or looking for, work in Turkey was 32% women compared to 76% for men. Out of the 145 countries they’re only four where more women than men are in work. These are: Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda and Burundi.

The top ten countries are as followers: Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Rwanda, Philippines, Switzerland, Slovenia and New Zealand. While the bottom ten are: Yemen, Pakistan, Syria, Chad, Iran, Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon, Mali and Egypt.

You can check your own countries placement on the BBC’s survey tool

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