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New Residency Procedures in Turkey

3rd November 2013

The Turkish Interior Ministry has just announced new procedures for the issuing of resident’s permits to all foreigners and as of April 2014 the Police Department will no longer be responsible for issuing resident permits.

This is part of a new structure planned by the Interior Ministry.

The Interior Ministry wants to free police stations from such applications made by foreigners living in Turkey.

Other responsibilities removed included; Passport applications for Turkish nationals, firearms licenses, vehicle registration, driving licenses and citizenship applications.

As per the new structure Residence permits will now be handled by the Interior Ministry's General Directorate of Migration office.

Branches will be established early next year and located in the district governors' and governors’ offices throughout Turkey. 

Ministry officials have began work for the transferal of these procedures to the Interior Ministry. This follows an order made from the Interior Minister Muammer Güler.  

All data currently held for foreigners' existing work and residence permits will be collected and gradually transferred to the Interior Ministry's General Directorate of Migration office.

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Also, under the new regulation, foreigners who work in Turkey will no longer require a residence permit and instead work permits will act as a residence permit.

Foreigners applying for work or residence permits for the first time, will have to apply to the Turkish consulate in their own country. Please see YellAli's article; New Residency Rules Explained

Renewing or applying for your Turkish Residence Permit before April 2014

Until the 1st of April 2014 all foreigners can submit Residence Permit applications to their local police stations. (tourist police departments)


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5th November 2013 This article is very helpful thank you. Do you know if these "Ministry's General Directorate of Migration office" will be in every town like the police stations are or only in the main cities?


16th November 2013 Myself and my wife have lived in turkey for 12 years I normally go back to the UK for one week every year maximum two weeks my wife has not been out of Turkey for eight years we have both had residents permits for twelve years are we entitled to the new perminent permit? Our permits are due to be renewed 2015 you state that once aquired you have the same rights as a turkish citizen, with regards to working in what sectors can you work legally? Regards bracken


12th January 2014 I saw a comment on one of your update in my emails that The fee for the residency term has increased to 206TL per year.- is this for the book if you need a new one or the cost of 1 years residency? Thanks

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