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New Turkish Residency rules explained

14th November 2013

In the last week, YellAli has received many enquires from its members regarding the new Residency rules that are set to change on the 10th of April 2014.

UPDATE - Please see below link;

Turkish residency permit 2015 update

For all our users, we feel it necessary to highlight the new Residency rules / procedures and explain how this will affect all those concerned and outline what has currently been confirmed.

YellAli has received confirmation from the British Consulate regarding the new rules and procedures highlighted below:-

Applying for a Turkish Residency Permit after the 10th of April 2014

First time applicants: (PLEASE NOTE; First time residency applications are currently being accepted in Turkey)
All first time applicants wishing to apply for a Turkish Residency Permit need to apply to the Turkish Consulate in the UK (or if you are not from the UK you need to apply to the Turkish Consulate in your own country)

: Until the full network of GDMM (General Directorate of Migration Management) offices are open later in the year a transition period will apply.  During this time all applications will be taken by the local Foreigner’s Departments of the Turkish National Police (as before) and sent to Ankara for processing.
 First time applicants for residence permits will be able to submit their applications in Turkey during this period.
[Read full details]

Please note: All UK applicants need to hold a valid UK passport with at least sixty days beyond the duration of the requested residence permit.

For example, when applying for a 12-month Turkish residency permit; your UK passport needs to be valid for at least 14 months.

The Documents you need;For more information please see how do I apply for a Residence permit in Turkey

Compulsory Health Insurance;This is a compulsory requirement for those under the age of 65. You must obtain private health insurance for a one year Turkish Residence permit as this is your first time application. It must be from a Turkish Insurance Company or Insurance provider with a branch office in Turkey and must meet the minimum legal requirements. (You are not yet eligible for the Turkish SGK health insurance)

You can obtain health insurance that meets the legal requirements via Groupama Sigorta FIT (Foreigners in Turkey) Health Insurance :- This policy has been developed specifically for the Turkish Residence Permit. Users can obtain a quote and learn more via the link below :-
(Policy coverage is between 0-60 years old - permanent renewal for those who join at 60 or before)

Get Quote Here --> »

Or you may like to read about the easy online process »here

Required Documentation : For more information please see how do I apply for a Residence permit in Turkey

Renewing your Residency Permit (Renewals can be made in Turkey)
As of the 10th of April 2014, you can no longer apply for a 3 or 5 year residency permit.
Please see; Residency Permit types

Please note: The handling of Residency Permits is changing and will no longer be the responsibility of the Police Foreigners Department. Instead this will pass to the Interior Ministry’s General Directorate of Migration Office.

You can read more about this here

Applicants applying for an 8 year Residency Permit (Application can be made in Turkey)
As of the 10th of April 2014, those who have resided in Turkey with a residence permit uninterruptedly for at least eight years will be granted a permanent residence permit. 

Update:  Please see; 8 year Long Term Turkish Residence Permit (permanent permit) explained

Interruption to the residency
If you stay outside of Turkey for a period of more than 6 months within 1 year or more within the last 5 years. This will be classed as 'interruptions' and will not be counted towards your 8-year residency permit.
Also any residency previously acquired before the interruptions will not be counted.

Conditions for an 8 year residence permit

• You must have resided in Turkey (with a residence permit) uninterruptedly for at least eight years.
• You must not have benefited from any kind of social assistance from the State for the past three years.
• You must possess sufficient and regular resources to maintain himself/herself.
• You must have valid medical insurance.
• You must not constitute a threat to public order or security.

Successful applicants who are granted a long term residence permit shall benefit from the same rights as a Turkish citizen with the exception of provisions in special legislation as well as the rights regarding:

You will be Exempt from:-
a) Compulsory military service

b) The right to elect and be elected,
c) Employment in public institutions*, (*As of now this act is applicable to all employment - Long term residency does not include working rights)
d) Exemption from taxes in importing vehicles

Please note: Your long term residency permit may be cancelled if you stay outside  of Turkey uninterruptedly for more than 12 months with the exception of  1) health 2) study.

[If you need assistance in making your application for a Turkish residence permit, please use the online contact form here]

*All of the above information is correct as of date published, however, is subject to change. Any new changes brought to our attention will be published immediately to the website and all members of YellAli we be informed.

Staying Connected: We post all new updates to our Facebook page and users who join for free will be contacted directly about new laws, procedures, updates etc


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15th November 2013 I have been living here for the past 8 years with my two children. THEY are currently in education. What about them? Will they also qualify for the 8 year pass too.? (Assuming we all pass the necessary requirements) Regards Louise


17th November 2013 My wife and myself have been living in Turkey for 12 years, we have held a residents permit for the full 12 years I go back to the UK normally one week per year maybe two but my wife has not been out of Turkey for 8 years. Our residents permits are due for renewed in April 2015, could we get a permanent permit this April? And it states that you would have the same rights as a Turkish citizen once you have one, what types of employment will we be able to do once we have this permit?


17th November 2013 My resendency runs out on the 24th of January, I'm returning to turkey at the beginning of May, am I able to renew my resedency in turkey when I return or do I have to do it in the uk because it will have expired by the time I get back?

john 1096

19th November 2013 how do i apply for a, a permanent resedency . is it any different than applying for a normal permit cheers john 1096


30th December 2013 What do they class as valid insurance , Can this be emergency cover or fully comp ?

Datca Dame

30th December 2013 When calculating the minimum 6 months stay under the new residency rules, will it have to be a stay of 6 calendar months, eg: May 1st to Oct 31st, or will it be counted as 183 days? Can the 6 months/183 days be broken into several visits or must it be a continuous stay?


1st January 2014 I have my appointment at the turkish consulate in london feburary before the rule change. Can I still apply for 6 months residency? Or does it have to be a year? Also it says I need a turkish bank, I can't open one until I arrive into turkey in april. So can I use my english bank to show my financial standing? Thank you


4th February 2014 My husband and I are looking to move to turkey in June. We are trying to sort out what to do about a residency visa. We have been trying to contact the Turkish embassy in London. We have e mailed and phoned and cannot get in touch with anyone. If we wait till April 1 we may not have enough time to get our visa. Can anyone help/advise what is the best course of action.


8th April 2014 So supposedly these new rules are about to come in. However, I went into the foreigners department of the Esenyurt branch today to find out what exactly I need to do to renew my residence permit (expires 10th May) and the lady new nothing about any rule change. She simply said to make the usual e-rendezvous, which I've done, for 2nd May. Online it gave me the forms and the details I need. Until I turn up on the date I don't know about what length they'll give me for the permit, but when we asked whether it was now yearly only as per the blog above, she said that wasn't true. Could YellAli double check this information, perhaps the introduction has been delayed?


21st May 2014 i dotn get it, i applied for residency 1th of may the police guy told me after 10 days so i booked my ticket for 14 days alter to comeback to work,, after 10 days he said no go come next week,so i changed my ticket to end of month, today i went there he said still didnt come,so i said what should i do if it doesnt come soon, i have to go to work next month and he said no u cant leave bcs you applied for residency and if you leave you cant comeback, i said why?he said bcs u applied , what kind of logic is this?i said i can come normally without visa and now i cant come even when i bought home here,i called minsitry and they said police know the rules ,what is this rule honestly?

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