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90/180 day tourist visa for Turkey – new rules explained

29th November 2013

A tourist visa is a compulsory entry visa, which is required when visiting Turkey.

It would appear there has been a ‘quiet’ update to the previous 90/180-day visa entry.
 (Previous 90/180 day visa rule: This was calculated on your arrival date to Turkey)

New 90/180 visa rule : This is calculated on your departure date from Turkey

YellAli has received no official correspondence regarding the new rule (as yet) from either the British Consulate or Turkish Consulate.
(Please note : This does not mean it has not already been officially enforced) 

However the new rules have already been fully adopted by boarder control points across Turkey, since the 18th of October 2013.

New rules explained

On the surface these new rules appear quite difficult to understand, but in reality they are not so complicated. It is just a case of ‘counting backwards’ when calculating how many days you have stayed in Turkey.

Tourist visa rule; One can not exceed 90 days in Turkey within the previous 180 days from the date of their departure.

How to calculate the 90/180 day visa?
Important note to remember - Always count backwards from the date you leave Turkey (Your departure date)

When you depart from Turkey, count back 180 days (it doesn’t matter if this includes x2 separate visa periods) – and count how many days spent in turkey during that period. As long as your days spent do not exceed 90 days you will be fine.

Why has this come into effect?

Turkey is keeping inline with current Schengen visa rules, which where also adopted by 25 other European countries. (please click here to read more about Schengen visa rules)

When was this implemented?
The amended law; No: 5683 was proposed in October 2011 :
(Official source: resmi gazete - in Turkish) and adopted on the 18th of October 2013

Please see the below extract from the Turkish government resmi gazete (Law No: 5683)

Turkish: “süre…vize muafiyet süresi veya vizede belirtilen kalış süresi yeterli ise yabancının Türkiye'den çıktığı gün itibarıyla önceki 180 gün zarfında 90 gün olarak uygulanır”.

Translation: "duration is calculated, (if the visa exemption period or visa period is sufficient) as 90 days within the previous 180 days from their date of departure".

                                                                                   [New Turkish Residency Rules Explained]

Common questions;

What will happen if I overstay 90 days?

Overstaying a visa in Turkey will result in either a fine or ban from entering Turkey for a period of time.

When my 90 days is finished, can I purchase another visa and come back?
No, a tourist visa only allows you 90 full days entry into Turkey out of every 180 full days. Meaning you cannot visit again for another 90 days.

 (This rule was fully enforced on the 31st of January 2012)

Always remember it is a maximum of 90 days in every 180 days.
The days not used will 'roll over'. (meaning can roll over to a new visa)
Think 'what is my intended departure date from Turkey' and start counting back over a 180 day period. If you have spent a total of 90 days then you cannot re-enter for another 90 days. If you haven't reached 90 days, then you can return to Turkey for your remaining days.

When I visit Turkey can I buy another tourist visa even though my existing visa hasn’t expired?
Yes, you can purchase multiple visas. But remember this will not entitle you to extra days; this will only carry over from your existing visa date.

What does this all mean?
Generally, this will not affect the average holidaymaker, but for those who frequently travel to Turkey for many months at a time, you will be affected. 
You might consider purchasing a Turkish residency permit.

Can I apply for a tourist visa online?
Yes please see:-

Why hasn’t this been publicized?
This appears to have been ‘snuck in’ under the radar and unfortunately has caught quite a few holidaymakers out who genuinely thought they where within the 90-day period.


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dauda conteh

29th November 2013 what about dos with expireing visa and have stay in turkey 4 about 3 to 4 years with out a residence permit can day apply 4 a residence?


22nd May 2014 Ive contacted them regarding this also the response i had from the ministry of foreign affairs of the republic of turkey was "The validity period of your e-Visa will begin as of the date you enter Turkey. Please note that the validity period is different than the period of stay. The period of stay cannot exceed the duration of stay specified on your e-Visa. You can click the ‘Apply’ button on the homepage to learn how many days you are allowed to stay in Turkey." which when you apply for the visa states start and end date of the visa and that the stay can not exceed 90 days. it doesnt mention per 180 period just the start and end dates of the visa which would imply that they are saying 90 days per Visa. Hope you have more sense than me!


2nd November 2015 Hi Just reading the comments above and what the reply from the consulate advised, is it not 90 days per visa? For example: my 90 days ran out in October so I came back to the UK. The visa expires on the 15th December. I want to spend Xmas and new year in Ankara, am I able to do this on a new visa? As I would need to purchase a new one anyway as the other one expires on the 15 and had stayed for 90 days. Hope you can help


19th April 2016 Viki 2016 I'm now in Turkey with Residence Permit (Family type), which expire 1 july 2016 . I'm going back to my home country. My husband working here at University and he has Working permit one more year till 1 july 2017. I don't like to renew my residence permit any more, but I would like to come to visit my husband in Turkey. By contract Turkey/My country , I don't need visa to stay in Turkey as tourist for 90 days in 180 days. MY question: If I go out from Turkey the 1st of July 2016 , when I can come back again in Turkey? 1) Do I need now to wait 90 days ( that is til 1 October) 2) Can I come in August 2016 , but not to stay more than 90 days because I'm now in Turkey as a tourist .

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