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Groupama Sigorta New Two-Year Insurance Policy Has Arrived!

19th October 2016


Groupama’s new 2 year FIT (Foreigners In Turkey) insurance policy is now available, designed to match the new residence permit regulations applicants can now get a new 2 year insurance policy to match the new residence permit. Very few insurance companies in Turkey offer a 2 year policy so this is great news for people who want a Turkish residence permit.  


And you can apply right now through YellAli.

The new amendments to the Foreigners and International Protection Law No. 6458 that came into effect in August this year made quite a few changes to Turkish law.


The news that the short-term Turkish residence permit now means the permit holder can stay in Turkey for up to 2 years is good news.


But like we said back in August YellAli’s partner; Groupama Sigorta was planning on launching a new 2 year health insurance plan to comply with the new residence permit and now it’s here!


Health insurance is mandatory for anyone between 18 - 65 years old seeking a residence permit, which has lead to a growth in foreign sales, and Groupama’s FIT policy offers everything you need. It complies with all the laws and requirements of the residence permit, is available for a great price and offers extra convenience.


And now you won’t need to worry about your health insurance running out or reapplying a year in to your stay. You can also use the Groupama calculator to check your policy prices (per year) or apply for insurance online and YellAli provide a variety of services that will help you get your permit application sorted. Just visit the YellAli Foreigner Center if you need any help!



For Turkish Residence Permit Health Insurance, see below link


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15th November 2016 my residency will be end in april 2017. when should i apply for renewal and can i take it for two years or long term residency. thanx

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