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The Turquoise Card finally gets Approved - Turkey

20th March 2017

Great News for foreigners in Turkey!!

Following an earlier article about the New Turquoise Card we are pleased to announce that the The NEW Turquoise Card has been finally published on the official gazzette on 14.03.2017.

This means applications can now be accepted. Please contact YellAli to learn more about this process as we now offer a service to submit your application.

This Regulations is based on the articles 11 and 25 of the International Labour Law dated 28.07.2016 and No 6735.

General Principles
Foreigners who are eligible for Turquoise Card
ARTICLE 5 – (1) Turquoise Card may be given to foreigners who;

a) Are evaluated to be highly qualified labour with their education, salary, professional knowledge and experience, contribution in science and technology and similar qualifications;

b) Are evaluated to be highly qualified investor with their investment or export level, size of the employment they will provide, contribution in scientific and technological development and similar qualifications,

c) Contribute in scientific and technological development or who are scientists or researchers who conduct studies which are considered to be strategic on the international level in terms of the country’s interest in the fields of science, industry and technology,

d) Are successful on the international level in cultural, artistic or sportive activities,
e) Contribute in the international recognition or promotion of Turkey or the Turkish Culture and carry out international activities in relation to national interests of Turkey.

Application Documents
ARTICLE 8 – (1) Following documents are uploaded to the system during application:

a) Application form,
b) Copy of the passport or equivalent document of the foreigner,
c) Certificate of conformity taken from related public organization or institution, if any,
d) For the foreigners specified in the article 5 herein, documents published on the official web site of the General Directorate to be determined among the following:
1) Diploma, labour contract, CV, assignment or appointment letter, internationally accepted documents specifying professional experience and foreign languages other than the native language for the foreigners who are evaluated to be qualified labour,
2) Documents specifying the size of investment, employment level, export amount, financial competence and area, sector and line of work for the foreigners who are evaluated to be qualified investor,
3) Diploma, documents specifying academic career and title, academic studies or license, trademark or patent certificates for scientist or researchers. Documents continued here.

Evaluation of Turquoise Card Application
ARTICLE 9 – (1) In evaluation of Turquoise Card application, the scoring system created within the scope of criteria determined by the General Directorate in accordance with the international labour policy.
(2) The applications which get the adequate score within the scope of scoring system are evaluated as positive.
(3) In evaluation of the applications submitted for the foreigners specified in (b), (c) and (d) paragraphs of the article 5, the certificate of conformity taken from related public organization or institution, if any, may be included in scoring.
(4) In evaluation of the applications submitted for the formal education students who are in the last year of their undergraduate education or who are having graduate education who have outstanding success in their field with their high skills, potentials or academic studies and research, the opinion of the institution they are studying at and the faculty members who work there as well as the opinions of the related organizations and institutions may be taken.



Holders of Turquoise Cards will have the same rights provided by permanent work permit, in other words they will benefit from the same rights as accorded to 
Turkish citizens after a transition period, excluding right to elect and be elected, or to enter into public service. And they will have no obligation of compulsory military service. 

Also, Turquoise Cards owner's spouse and children who are dependent in line with governing legislation shall be given a document that substitutes the residence permit and shows that they are relatives of Turquoise Cards owner. 

At YellAli we provide the Turquoise Card for foreign clients. Please contact us if you require more information. 


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