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Real Life - Bad Experiences With Tradesmen in Turkey

17th April 2017

Bad experiences with tradesman can happen everywhere, and Turkey is no exception. Dealing with dodgy builders can vary, but they are all sure to be stressful situations you’ll want to avoid.

Below we’ve listed some bad personal experiences our members have had with tradesman in Turkey.  We are sharing these experiences to act as a ‘watch out’ to all our members.

Story 1

“I love my garden and really wanted to revitalize it with some new decking, after contacting a local builder I was given a quote of £2500 and asked to pay upfront. I was cautious about doing this but the builder told me that the wood he would be using was specially treated and the Russian trees it came from would ensure a decking like no other”

“In retrospect it was a very elaborate description of what should have been a reasonably straightforward job. However he seem to be very knowledgeable and said the decking would be strong and weatherproof. I flew back to the UK to visit family and fully expected to have a stylish, professional decking upon my return”  

“However when I got back I was underwhelmed! My decking was no different from the wood pallet boards that are commonly used for transporting goods. Even worse they had already started to rot because of the March and April showers. Complaints to the builder got me nowhere, other than an offer to paint the decking for me”
Gill - Bodrum, Muğla

Story 2

“We were overjoyed to finally be relocating to Turkey and had been eagerly waiting for our villa to be finished. We had spent a lot of money on this but believed it would all be worth it once we moved in. After getting the call from our builder that the villa was ready, we got packed and set off to start a new chapter in our life. Only to find that our villa had no roof!”

“It was like something out of a comedy sketch and we were sure we had been pranked, but it was all too real. We were unable to reach the builder, all that numbers and contact details we had led us nowhere, it was like he vanished into thin air. We ended up having to spend a lot of our remaining savings to get the villa finished. It wasn’t the best start to our new life in Turkey that’s for sure!” Martin B. – Marmaris, Muğla

Story 3

We had a new heating system installed and the guys putting in the system decided to run the pipes along the roof! We had pipes covered in a 'tin foil type installation' running across the roof! It looked awful; we refused to pay the final amount until the guys finished the job properly which included re-routing the pipes under the roof!! Honestly you couldn't make it up! Laura W. – Muğla

Story 4

I had problems with my electric, anytime I had more than a few appliances on my electric would trip; oddly enough it was always the kettle that seemed to tip the balance! Then all electric would be off. So I got an electrician in, he seemed to have fixed the problem. So I carried on as normal and put my washing machine on, cooker, hover and the kettle!! Not only did the electric trip but also the box started smoking!! I rang the electrician, who was not interested in coming back. I had to then get another electrician to look at the box who said it wasn't wired up correctly, and I was lucky it didn't catch fire or electrocute me!! Anon. - Antayla


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These are just some of the stories about dodgy builders and tradesman in Turkey and as you can see they come in all forms. Electricians, builders, carpenters and much more, while they are rare and they can happen everywhere you shouldn’t put up with them.

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