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Short-Term Rentals - Don't Be Confused by the New Regulations in Turkey

11th June 2017

Are you confused by the new regulation for short-term rentals?

Please see our common questions below:-

1. If I invite my family or friends over to stay with me in Turkey, do I need to register them? (short-term)

According to the authorities, No, because you are the owner of the property and your guests are staying in your property at the same duration time as you. Therefore the registration of guests does not apply to you.

2. Do I need to register close relatives if they are staying at my property while I am not there? (short-term)

According to the authorities, Yes, if the legal property owner is not present, all guests have to be registered at the local police. You are not required to set-up a company as their is no money involved, however, you will need to register the guests at your local police or Jandarma.

3. Why do I need to register my guests if they do not pay to stay at my villa/apartment? (short-term)

The rule has been enforced for security measures. Turkey is under a state of emergency, so they need to know who is staying at the property.
It's similar to that of a hotel or pension, the guest’s details have to be recorded.

4. I’m not in the country , can I still register my property?

The property owner must register the property or if you engage the services of another agent they can register on your behalf.
The service provided by YellAli for ALL the Muğla regions, Kaş & Kalkan allows you to register without being in Turkey. And we can arrange all the guest registrations on your behalf.

5. Do I have to declare Turkish Nationals who stay at my property?

Yes this regulation applies to everyone.

6. How much is the tax for paying guests?

If you set-up a Turkish company as ‘pension/hotel’ type business, the VAT (KDV) will be 8% .
YellAli provides a taxation service for short-term rentals and the VAT amount to be paid on paid rentals is 8%. This will eliminate the need for you to set-up a Turkish Company.

7. Can I pay my TAX abroad? i.e in the UK

No the taxes for your property rentals must be paid in Turkey.

8. Which local authority should I speak to about the new regulations?

If you are unsure or would like to speak to the authorities you may visit your local Jandarma or police about guest reporting. And your local tax office about tax liabilities in Turkey. Please remember both departments have different responsibilities, and the Police/Jandarma main concern is about security and the tax office main concern is about taxation.

9. Where do I go to register my property?

You may visit your local police or Jandarma and take your TAPU (title deed) and passport. Or you may use the services of YellAli or another agent to register the guests on your behalf.

10. What will happen if I don’t register my guests/renters?

The authorities are making checks and home owners who haven’t registered are already facing huge fines. Be aware of the risks you are taking:-

- 700 Tl per day fines for incorrect registration of guests.

(*That’s any one staying at your property, wether they are paying guests or your friends and family.)

- 10,000 Tl fine if you do not register the property.

We hope our Q & A’s where helpful, please do contact us if you require further information or assistance:-

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Email YellAli:-

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How can YellAli assist me?

We are offering two options for property owners who are renting out their property to paying guests and to those who allow family/friends to stay for free. (only available in the Muğla Region - Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum, Gokova, Ortaca, Dalaman, Datça, Köyceğiz etc etc)
Kaş & Kalkan (in Antalya)

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