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Turkey's New 2017 building Regulations – Published in Official Gazette

9th August 2017

The new “Planned Areas Type Zoning Regulation”, which has been planned for many years, has been published in the Turkish Official Gazette. (T. C. Resmi Gazete) The new regulation is planned to come in to effect as of 1st October 2017.

How will the New building laws affect you?

If you are planning any new changes to your property or are buying land to build a home you need to read on.

The below articles relates to the following:
Hiring architects, engineers, planners or lawyers – They must have attended university and have a minimum of 3 years professional experience.

Appointment and properties of ministry inspectors
TEMPORARY ARTICLE 1 – (1) The works related to issuing a building modification report, sealing and issuing a report related to demolishment decision as listed in article 67 and the other duties related to zoning inspection are carried out by sufficient number of personnel with architect, engineer and urban planner title and graduated from the faculties of law, who are certified as a “Ministry Inspector” with the approval of the Ministry, have minimum 3 years of professional experience and work at field service, according to the procedures and methods set out by the Ministry until an appointment is made with a new regulation.

The below articles relates to the following: Any changes to your property or land must have approval first before building permission can be granted.

Existing formation
TEMPORARY ARTICLE 2 – (1) For the zoning blocks which were made according to the legislation before the effective date of this Regulation and were partially or completely built in line with the legislation, provided that there is no provision on the contrary to the zoning plan, the administration is authorized to determine the building approach distances, levelling, levelling of backyards, and indoor and outdoor projections provided to not exceed the parcel. In such a case, the side yard distances and indoor and outdoor projection dimensions are provided according to the side yard distance and the indoor and outdoor projections within this distance of the existing buildings, which comply with the legislation, on the right and left of the parcel. The backyard distances and the indoor and outdoor projections within this distance are determined according to the existing formation for attached building blocks and according to the structuring of the neighboring parcels for detached building blocks. Levelling and backyard levelling are made according to the applications on the neighboring parcels. However, the provisions of the plan in force and this Regulation are applied for the neighboring façades where there are no existing buildings regarding the matters related to projection and yard distances stated in this article.

The below articles relates to the following: Building applications made before 1/10/2017

Existing building license applications
TEMPORARY ARTICLE 3 – (1) The building license applications, which the procedures have been initiated before 22/5/2014 and which were made before or after the effective date of this article, provided to be concluded until 1/10/2017, are concluded according to the provisions in force as of 30/5/2013 and later of the Regulation, which was in force on the relevant procedure date, depending to the request of the applicant. This article, however, may not be applied for mixed use of the provisions of this Regulation and for increasing the number of floors in the building as determined by the plan, and no building license may be issued for this purpose.
(2) Except flat for land and revenue sharing models, license procedures of the buildings, which a tender decision was taken or a tender date was determined or a tender was made by the public bodies and organizations before the effective date of this Regulation but no license was issued, are concluded according to the Regulation in force before 1/10/2017.

ARTICLE 71 – (1) Temporary article 3 of this Regulation comes into effect on the publishing date, while the other articles come into effect on 1/10/2017.

ARTICLE 72 – (1) Provisions of this Regulation are executed by the Environment and Urbanization Minister.

Insulation of all new and old properties.

Not yet published in the Official Gazette – All new builds and existing buildings must have building insulation. This regulation is due to come into effective as of 2020.

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