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Important - Changes to work permits for foreigners 2018

20th February 2018


Changes to work permits for foreigners 2018

Changes in work permit policies of the Directorate General of International Labor for 2018 are as follows:

•    Work permit applications of the foreign students, who have undergraduate degree and associate degree from Turkey, but received scholarship from the government, are rejected by the Ministry of Labor.

•    Paid-in capital requirement for the foreigners, who do not have residence permit in Turkey and applying for work permit at abroad by establishing a company, has been increased to 300.000 TL.

•    Ministry of Labor will soon start using KEP address system. Thereafter, it is obligatory that the applicant should have a KEP address and electronic signature, and electronic mail address will also be obligatory for the foreigners.

•    Directorate General of International Labor, which is located within the campus of the Ministry of Labor, has started to provide service at its new building located 250 meters to the Ministry of Labor.

•    Public relations department of the Directorate General of International Labor has been closed down, visits to the directorate general will be completely restricted very soon.

•    Applications for the Turquoise card will start in 2018.

•    It’s been estimated that the Authorized Intermediary regulation, which will regulate the consultancy companies dealing with Turquoise card, work permit and residence permit, will be published in 2018.

•    Residence permit is not granted to the foreigners whose work permit for home services is terminated for any reason.

•    If the work permits of foreigners working at the companies and organizations are terminated 6 months in advance or if they quit their job, then they will not be able to receive residence permit in Turkey.


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