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Property Tax – Reminder

30th May 2018

Property tax – a reminder
Don’t forget, the 31st of May is the deadline for the payment of the first instalment of property tax.
Property tax is paid twice a year (May 31st, November 30th), but just like vehicle tax (due until January 31st and July 31st) you can pay both instalments at a time if you want.
Payment is done at the ‘Emlak Servisi’ attached to the Belediye (municipality) where your property is located in.
Property tax obviously depends on the size of your property, but it may also significantly vary depending on where your property is located. Each ‘Belediye’ individually fixes their own rates for properties located within each neighbourhood (mahalle). The rates are established for two years and are then re-evaluated by the municipal council.
Attention: when you buy a property, you have to register yourself as the new owner with the related ‘Belediye emlak servisi’. Failure to do so results in a fine (not a heavy one, but it adds up with annual interest as years go by!). Since one does not usually get a payment request from the municipality, some property owners only realise they have property tax debts when they are about to sell. When a property is sold, the property owner is in charge of presenting a ‘minimum value document’ or ‘rayiç bedeli’ at the local land registry office, which the Belediye Emlak Servisi only issues if all property tax (including the current year) has been paid by the seller.





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