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Turkey Gets Tough On Drivers.

25th October 2018

While driving through any area of Turkey you may well have witnessed a driver run a red light or talking on their mobile phones.

Well this could all change as Turkey has introduced a new bill that will heavily penalise drivers who flaunt the rules of the road in Turkey.

The new bill, which has been signed by Turkeys parliament, will see drivers across Turkey facing more severe fines for traffic violations.

The new law includes –

Drivers violating a red light, the penalty for this will be a fine of 235 Turkish Liras.
For repeat offenders, who are caught more than three times in one year, they will have their driver’s license suspended for one month. If they continue this behaviour, the license will be suspended for 2 months.

Using a mobile phone while driving will also be fined 235 liras.

The fine for unlawfully using hooters and blinkers will be 1,002 liras. A driver who is caught and fined three times in one year for repeating this offence will be disqualified from driving for 15 days.

Careless driving, such as driving in the opposite direction or improper passing of other moving vehicles will land you a fine of 1,002 liras.

Those using a noisy exhaust will also be fined 1,002 liras

Using a vehicle beyond its legal end-of-life will be fined 2,018 liras.

Dangerous driving, such as drivers drifting across lanes will receive a fine of 5,010 liras as well as being suspended from driving for two months.
A driver caught breaking this law twice in five years, will see have their license revoked.

A driver who has had their license suspended at least twice in one year will have to undergo a psychiatric test and produce a clear report, in order to get their license renewed.


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