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Istanbul’s New Airport opens its doors…

7th November 2018

The new Istanbul Airport is now open, spread across 76.5 million square meters, with the first phase comprising the main terminal of 1.4 million m2 with 2 runways, Air Traffic Control tower and many more buildings.


The airport is to be the biggest in the world and was opened with a lavish ceremony.  It took 42 months to complete the first phase of the airport and 200 thousand people worked over 42 months to complete the project.  It became operational on the 95th Anniversary of the Foundation of Republic.
This is a milestone in world engineering history, construction began in 2015.  A large number of government officials and many foreign presidents attended the opening ceremony.
Approximately 200 thousand workers have been involved with the new airport at this stage. The airport has planned employment for 225,000 people directly and indirectly by 2025.
Istanbul Airport Economic Impact Report prepared in 2016 suggests that the economic value created of airport related activities in 2025 will correspond to 4.89% of the GNP.

Flights (Including the first flight to Ankara)
Turkish Airlines with be flying to and from Ankara, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Antalya, Azerbaijan’s Baku and Izmir, holding the code ISL until the 31st of December.
The first flight was to Ankara at 11:10 on Wednesday 31st of October with a special airplane.  The ‘Big Bang’ aeronautical service transition from Istanbul Ataturk Airport to Istanbul Airport will commence on 30th of December and end on 31st of December.

Defies the world with its size
The new airport is far larger than its competitors made up of 23 million square meters it will have the capacity to serve 90 million people by 29th October and 200 million passengers by the end of the year once fully completed.
Atlanta airport is currently the busiest airport with the highest number of passengers, 104 million per year.



80 Eiffel Towers could be constructed with the steel of 640,000 tonnes the same as used in the construction.
Almost 28 Yavuz Sultan Selim bridges could be constructed with the concrete of 6 million 700 thousand cubic meters used for the construction. Istanbul Airport has roof coating of 450,000 square meters and one can coat the roof of 64 football fields with the same amount.


Free parking until 31st December
The parking lot will be free of charge until December 30, 2018 for passengers driving the the airport.
It currently takes around 30 minutes to reach the new Istanbul Airport from Levent via D-20 motorway (Göktürk-Kemerburgaz direction).
Istanbul Otobus A.Ş (Istanbul Autobus Inc.) will be offering transport with 150 specially designed busses from all over Istanbul.
Busses will carry passengers from 17 centers within 15 areas around Istanbul.
Istanbul New Airport underground line will become operational by 2020, enabling passengers to reach the new airport in approximately 25 minutes.
The second underground line made up of Halkalı-Temapark-Olimpiyat-Kayaşehir (Center)-Arnavutköy (Center)-İstanbul New Airport stops will enable the passenger reach the airport from Halkalı direction.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and his wife Emine Erdogan, attended the official opening ceremony of Istanbul's new airport

The new Istanbul airport had already received nine international awards.
Leading the way in aviation history, and adding many new features with its ground breaking terminals, where Jumbo planes like the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747-8 can park.
Robots, artificial intelligence, face recognition and similar features with cutting edge technology systems such as smart system, beacon, wireless internet, wireless and new generation GSM infrastructure, LTE, sensor and talking ‘objects’ all in place.
3,500 security personnel and 9,000 state of the art cameras will be provide the security within the airport. Moreover, security will be managed via the artificial tower within the terminal.
It is set to have the best baggage system of the world, less waiting time.
Waiting times at the baggage areas will be shortened at the new Istanbul Airport.  This is due to the 42 kilometre long baggage system holding the capacity to process 10,800 pieces of baggage.  Early baggage storage system will be operated to store the arrival of early baggage.  Using the latest baggage store technology Istanbul is ahead of other International airports.

Shopping and customer experience
One of the Istanbul Airports priorities is to offer a superior experience to passengers, comfort and shopping are high on the list.
The airport is vibrant operating 24/7 with shops taking up over 55,000 m2 and a food court covering over 32,000 m2, housing over 400 local and International brand names under one roof for the first time.

Culture and showcasing Turkey
Inside the new airport you will discover showcases of stunning Istanbul mosques, Turkish baths, domes and many other historical buildings.  With breath taking architecture spanning throughout the project.
For example the Air traffic control tower of Istanbul Airport was designed by taking inspiration from the tulip, a symbol of Istanbul for centuries, occupying a central role in the cultural life of Turkish-Islam history. Pininfarina and AECOM who designed Ferrari previously, were in charge of designing the 90 meters tall control tower of Istanbul Airport.




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