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Turkey's Universities rank Top!

6th December 2018

Turkish universities are Top!


The Times Higher Education list (THE) have placed Turkish universities in high performances and prestige.  The fields covered were ‘engineering technology’ and ‘computer sciences’.

Five Turkish universities were listed in the first area, with 19 Turkish universities on the second ranking.  Boğaziçi University, Sabancı University, Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ), Bilkent University and Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) were all listed.  Boğazçi University was named ‘Best Global Turkish University’.

The rankings were released on 29th November.  The 13 indicators include, research, transfer to industry, knowledge and international outlook.  THE World University uses the same in their assessments.

The computer science ranking includes 684 universities and the engineering and technology ranking includes 903 institutions.

The (THE) announces annual publications of rankings among world’s universities, prepared by the London-based THE magazine.

The reports consist of overall, subject and reputation rankings of universities and are considered to be one of the most trusted institutes on this matter.


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