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Minimum Wage Increased in Turkey

28th December 2018

Monthly Minimum Wage Increased in Turkey

It has been announced that the Turkish monthly minimum wage has now been raised to 2,020 Tl ($381) in a bid to level out the losses caused by the increased inflation rate (calculated as 25.25% in October and 21.62% in November.)

This was confirmed by a 15 member commission led by the Family, Labour and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk.

“It is an increase of 26.05 percent compared with last year… The decision has been made unanimously,” Selçuk said in a press briefing on Dec. 25 to announce the 417 Turkish Lira hike in the minimum wage.

She also vowed to compensate the losses of workers caused by the inflation rate and its repercussions.

Ergün Atalay, chair of the Confederation of Turkish Trade Unions (Türk-İş), commented they had targeted to exceed the 2,000 TL mark.

“We aimed at a sufficient wage for a humanly life. This level of wage is not perfect but it is a better one,” he said.

 “We have a common responsibility in the matter of Turkey’s sustainable development.” Quoted Aksanel Koç, the general-secretary of the Turkish Confederation of Employer Associations (TİSK).


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