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Turkish residency permit 2014 update

16th April 2014

Update regarding Residency permits, received by the British Consulate. UKinTurkey

The Turkish Ministry of the Interior “General Directorate of Migration Management (GDMM)” officially commenced operations in Turkey on 14th April 2014.
The GDMM will cover all aspects of migration controls ranging from resident permits, asylum, visa policy and illegal migration. They will not cover operations at passport controls or the physical border line, these will remain with the Turkish National Police (TNP) and Turkish military respectively.
In due course, the Law of Foreigners will provide a much more stable and predictable set of regulations for migration management in Turkey. It should see an end to the system of local control over resident permit fees and durations that often differed between province, city or even town.
However, the network of GDMM offices are not yet fully established and during the consolidation period, UK nationals should continue to apply for and renew their residence applications at the existing Turkish National Police (TNP) foreigners offices.

How do I apply for a residency permit in Turkey?
We recognise there are a number of outstanding questions about the operation of the new system which have been asked to the GDMM and we expect to learn more about these issues at an international briefing to be held by the GDMM on 16th April. The Ministry of the Interior website is currently being updated with new links, information and an English language option to be available soon. 


The briefing held yesterday by the General Directorate of Migration Management (GDMM) did not cover any specific details regarding the new application processes for residency permits. The focus was on the GDMM’s structure and policies and questions on such details were not answered by their officials.
We have today submitted detailed questions in writing to the GDMM about the process and await their reply.
Until the full network of GDMM offices are open later in the year a transition period will apply.  During this time all applications will be taken by the local Foreigner’s Departments of the Turkish National Police (as before) and sent to Ankara for processing.
First time applicants for residence permits will be able to submit their applications in Turkey during this period.
We are aware of reports that some of Foreigner’s departments have been refusing to  accept applications whilst they await further instruction from the GDMM in Ankara. However, we have been informed by the GDMM that applications should now be accepted at all TNP foreigners department offices - FURTHER INFORMATION TO FOLLOW

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Comments (18)


16th April 2014 Whilst we are informed to continue applications with the police department until further notice. Have the new regulations regarding the types of residency available come in to place from the 14th April 2014?


16th April 2014 Is it so that ysterday one cannot come to Turkey if one has not 150 days left in ones passport after returning of the visiting in Turkey.

Some finnish did not get to the plain from Finland the 15 th of Nisan because Turkey has decided that one has to have 6 (or 5) months valid passport after he returns out.

Look the Embassy of Turkey, the door to Turkey aso.


16th April 2014 Annmarie - it's a good question. I will know the answer on May 2nd as I have an appointment at the Esenyurt (Istanbul) branch to renew my residence permit.

However, I have a friend who applied on Friday (just gone, 11th April) and he was able to apply for a 5 year permit at this branch.

At the same branch, the week before they knew nothing of any new rules or changes in residence length.

So I'm crossing my fingers I'll still be able to do the same on the 2nd May as that would be infinitely preferable to having to renew every year until I've clocked up 8 years, which for me would be another 5 years.

mary croucher

18th April 2014 i went today to renew my residency permit but was told i couldnt as i have just spent longer than 120days out of turkey and have to return to england to go to turkish embassy to renew why is this


21st April 2014 Go back and speak with them again Mary, I think things are starting to settle down now. They probably wernt given the right info from Ankara


22nd April 2014 Just yesterday we collected our renewed Ikamets - 5 years duration - from the police Station in Ortaca, and were told : "You're lucky, if you had renewed after 11th April you would only get 1 year." They really do seem to be all over the place with these changes!


24th April 2014 Can someone please explain to me i applied for first time residency on the 7th April in Marmaris and yesterday my partner went to go and get my residency to see if it has been done and now being told i have to have this insurance., so my application has been sitting at the police stastion??

can someone please explain what does it mean you can only renew 4 times? what happens after youve renewed 4 times??


25th April 2014 yes, you need health insurance now L_butt, at least that's what a lot of police stations are asking for..... as for 4x renewal, that's for the blue book... you pay a fee for the book and can renew it a max of 4 times (then you pay the fee again and get a new blue book).....(but it's changing now to a 50tl card - for the 1 year RP)

Kyle koktas

30th April 2014 Can anyone help???
I have a residency permit valid till dec 2015. By the time I go back out to Turkey would have been in the UK 6months. Am I going to have problems getting back into Turkey??????


3rd May 2014

I have applied on 10th March 2014 and got the appointment for 22nd April 2014.

I was refused residency permit because of late application. ( overstay).

I was told that I must leave the country , must pay fine and will be banned for 3 months.

I told them that the application was made before 11th April 2014, so the old you pay fine on overstaying.

But the say the old law cancel out the old law.
( so they are saying what was legally correct is now legally incorrect)

Any advise?

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