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Luxury Duty Free in Istanbul’s New Airport

10th January 2019

Luxury Duty Free in Istanbul’s New Airport

The extensive new Istanbul airport is set to host some of the biggest brand names worldwide.  Its vast duty free areas will open with a ceremony next week.  Christian Dior will be opening one of its largest duty-free stores at the airport.  The duty free area will host 59 luxury foreign brand names.


The famous French brand Christian Dior has reportedly come to an agreement with the new airport and will be opening its largest duty free concession inside.

Christian Dior’s largest clients are Russia, China, Japan and Qatar, they have decided Istanbul Airport will be its new target audience.


Other high end brands such as Louis Vitton, Hermes and Qatari Mosafer will also be opening in the duty free area.  Turkish brands Vakko, Kemel Tanca, İpekyol, will be amongst Brandy’s, B&G Store, Pierre Cardin, U.S Polo, Cacharel and other jewellery shops.  Less expensive stores like LC Waikiki and Toyzz Shop will be in the duty free area too.

There will be a total of 75 brands in the new airport’s duty free,  with some remaining negotiations underway with Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Fendi , Burberry, Ermenegildo Zegna, Hugo Boss and Prada. 

There is estimated to be 90 million visitors to the new duty free area, which is 55,000 square meters.  The area is in partnership with Heinemann and Unifree the world’s biggest duty free operator.

The new airport is very discerning about its brand name selection, each company’s marketing and brand power are being taken into consideration. 

Passengers to the airport will also be able to sample Turkish and international cuisine at the new 32,000 square food and beverage courts.

There will be two areas catering for fashion and accessories, including 25 sales outlets set over a 3,000 square meter area, hosting over 30 stores.  The new Istanbul airport is set to be not only one of the largest, but most luxury in the world.


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