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Turkish chemist invents break through compound for de-icing roads

15th January 2019

Turkish chemist invents break through compound for de-icing roads

A Turkish chemist has invented a break through new compound for de-icing roads.  The special chemical is 10 times more effective that standard road salt currently used to de-ice roads and highways.

The chemist Yücel Kaynak says the ‘granules’ he has invented melt ice in -45 degrees c.

His new product has been named ‘Buz Yak’ which means ‘Burn Ice’.  The granules are made up from calcium, magnesium and acetate and are environmentally friendly.

‘Buz Ice’ is claimed to be 10 times more effective than standard road salt, preventing ice for upto 72hrs after application.

"Only 20 percent of the granules are used to melt the current ice, the remaining 80 percent prevents any new ice from forming for up 72 hours," Kaynak said. 

The inventor is looking for investment to mass produce ‘Buz Ice’ and sell it overseas, there has already been interest from buyers in Russia and Cananda.

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