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New Traffic Campaign in Turkey - Yaya Öncelikli Trafik Yılı

12th February 2019


"Yaya Öncelikli Trafik Yılı" which translate to 'Pedestrian priority traffic year'.


2019 Turkey is pushing a new road safety campaign and it’s all about stopping for pedestrians.


Before this, typically drivers would not stop for a pedestrian waiting to cross the street at a pedestrian crossing; now this behaviour could land drivers with a 604 tl on the spot penalty fine.


The Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, who has fronted this campaign has released shocking figures of the number of pedestrians killed on the streets due to traffic accidents.  


In 2017, sadly, 1681 pedestrians lost their life due to traffic incidents. These figures fall well below the European Union level



With the success of the ‘Pedestrian priority traffic year’ campaign, accident rates are expected to drop dramatically.


The penalty for not giving way to pedestrians was increased by one hundred percent last October. The fine was raised from 235 tl to 488 tl. As of January 2019, the penalty was increased and now the penalty for not giving way to pedestrians is 604 liras.



But the new law is very clear. At the intersections and the pedestrian crossings, where there is no traffic lights, at the same time, the vehicles will stop at the pedestrian crossing as soon as they see the pedestrians . They will wait for the pedestrian to pass. Just like in the developed countries of the world. 



2019 was devoted to raising awareness of pedestrians and drivers. Within the framework of the "Pedestrian Priority Traffic Year" campaign initiated by the Ministry of Interior, awareness studies are being carried out in 81 provinces and 922 districts.  


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