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New Residency Law application Q & A to Directorate General of Migration Management (GDMM)

8th May 2014

Update regarding Residency permits by the British Consulate. UKinTurkey

New Residency Law application Q & A to Directorate General of Migration Management (GDMM)

We asked the following questions of the GDMM on Friday 2 May and received the following responses this week:

1. Is there a health cover criteria for short term residence permits? Is existing membership of SGK acceptable for this or not?

Appropriate instructions where sent to governmental offices. They can get information at the time of their application. SGK is acceptable.

2. Why are some TNP Offices refusing to accept SGK membership and informing applicants to purchase private medical insurance to apply for short term residence permits?

Answered above. Insurance legislation is comprehensive and has international aspects. Having a valid insurance from another country was taken into account. We are aware that there are some uncertainty.

3. Can renewal applicants travel out of and back in to Turkey using a letter from the TNP office (stating that they have an application for residence permit renewal in process) and not be liable for fines and problems without having to purchase a tourist visa on re-entry?

Yes TNP issue such a document. When their application is in process, they can stay in Turkey legally with that document. If they paid the residence fee at the time of their application. they can leave Turkey without paying fine and can enter Turkey without buying visa within 15 days.

4. For those British nationals who have been told to get a tourist visa to cover them whilst the TNP offices were not accepting applications, will this be considered a break in residency which will affect their future qualification for indefinite residency and Turkish citizenship?

Conditions of break in residency is described in the article 28 of law no 6458.

(This law can be found in English on

5. Can applicants show proof of a UK state or private pension income?

It is possible. However it must be valid in Turkey.

6. Do the savings have to be in TL in a Turkish bank account ?

We do not have a significant banking provision. However, it is important to be transferrable.

7. The new residence permit cards are to be posted to the applicant's home address from Ankara. Whilst this will work fine in the cities, in the town/resort areas where many British national residents live there is a very limited postal service. Can cards be posted back to the TNP office for collection?

Posting system is widespread and smooth. If the applicant is not found in his/her address the mail can be collected from the nearest PTT office in the first instance and then be collected from the Aliens Department. Please do not attempt to receive the mail by hand before you receive the message "not found in the address!". We prefer to deliver the post to their address in order to keep the quality of our service to the foreigners.

Turkish Residency Permit Types

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8th May 2014 Our r/p due for renewal next year by then my husband will be 70 and as yet can't get insurance What are we supposed to due we have been here 5years now marmaris is our home Help please


8th May 2014 Any chance you could ask them how you get a two year family residence permit when they insist on two-year health insurance, which isn't actually possible to get?


13th May 2014 We have an all embracing UK travel and health insurance that provides worldwide cover. Is this acceptable?


14th May 2014 I really do not understand the stance on medical insurance, if you don't have any then it will cost you when you become ill. For some people it is not an option due to age and current health and if you have resided in Turkey for just a few years starting with good health and are now unfortunate enough to be in a situation where you now have ill health, medical insurance is extremely hard to come by. if I can't get medical insurance due to ill health and Turkey is my home, what am I supposed to do. My answer is quite simple, make all foreigners pay for SGK insurance regardless of the time spent on a residency permit and if the foreigner wishes to increase their levels of cover, take out additional private insurance. When a foreigner applies for residency part of the application should entail a medical so that the authorities can determine the level of cost applied for SGK cover, once the cover is issued it should remain constant (with inflation) during your residency. If the cost is to expensive for you during your initial application for residency then the choice is yours.


19th May 2014 We've live here for 6 years. We went to renew our residence permit last week and we were required to buy a local health insurance although we already have a very good worldwide health insurance but they don't accept this. Does anyone face the same problem?


22nd May 2014 Just to answer my own Q in case it helps anyone else - you can get a 2 year family residence permit if you have SGK health insurance. If you have private health insurance then since these only last a year each time they'll only give you one year RP. It's all pretty messy - three weeks ago they said SGK wasn't acceptable so we took out private, today they confirmed SGK is acceptable. Thankfully (fingers crossed) I can soon forget about this for two years - hopefully things will be smoother with regards to the rules in the months/years to come.


27th May 2014 My wife renewed her residents visa a few weeks ago in Kusadasi office and is waiting her new visa. As she had a trip booked back to the UK she was given a letter to show that she had paid + she also had the receipt off payment form the tax office.BUT on departure at Istanbul the passport control refused to except the letter or receipt and mad her pay ..... What will happen on her return ??????


6th June 2014 To sandraelissa. Regarding Health Insurance, this maybe an obvious answer but you should know that the Turkish State Insurance SGK does not have any age restrictions . As most private health insurance companies will not insure the over 60 s. The cost is approx 260 tl per month if you are both receiving a state or private pension. If one of you is not receiving a pension then that person can be the main policy holder and the other person can be listed free. Hope this helps.

17th June 2014 I belıeve that there ıs stıll uncertaınıty at the Forıegn Affaırs depts ın local polıce statıons whıch are outsıde the tourıst areas ın Turkey. My own personnel experıence has been dreadful. I arrıved on a tourıst vısa and returned to the UK for 5 days when I re entered Turkey I was ınformed by Immıgratıon at Istanbul Aırport to report to the local polıce statıon wıthın 30 days of arrıvıng as I was wıthın my 180 days expıry date. I contacted the Mınıstry of Interıor Affaırs ın Ankara and they advısed me to apply for short term resıdency vısa at the Polıce Statıon wıthın 30days at the local Forıegn Affaırs dept lucky that I speak fluent Turkısh because they at fırst refused my request and gave me a prınt out of of my arrıval dates and told me I have 79 days left ın the country. They dıd not stamp my passport but gave me the Polıce/Immıgratıon prıntout whıch has proved to be the most ımportant document I kept ! I complaıned and on my second vısıt I took wıth me all the necessary documents etc Tax number, rental agreement, bank statements wıth my turkısh bank account. my Englısh worldwıde health Insurance. and photographs I explaıned I was gettıng marrıed ın October 2014. I waıted for 5 days and was called back to the polıce statıon to be ınformed I have to leave the country ın 5 days and wıll be banned from enterıng Turkey for 5 years ! The reason was I had no valıd vısa to be ın the country and as a I am ın the country on a Tourıst Vısa I cannot rent a property ın addıtıon they dıd not accept my health ınsurance and I have had take out Turkısh Health Insurance for one year at a cost of 1900.00 TRK . They wanted me to sıgn a document to confırm I would be fıned 100 dollars and banned from enterıng Turkey for 5 years. I refused and vısıted the Governor of the cıty who speaks perfect Englısh and ıs a personal frıend of my Turkısh famıly.. He has promısed to ınvestıgate further and I am stıll awaıtıng the outcome of thıs ınquıry. I wıll keep you ınformed of the results but my advıce ıs ıf you are outsıde tourıst areas make sure you have a turkısh speaker wıth you ıf you do not understand the language .

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