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Compulsory health insurance scrapped for those over 65

2nd July 2014

An announcement by the British Consulate. UKinTurkey


Update to the Health Insurance requirement for Residence Permits:

We have recently received information from the General Directorate of Migration Management (GDMM) that the health insurance requirement for residence permit applications has now been lifted for applicants over 65 years of age.

This has been decided as a result of a meeting between GDMM, the Treasury and insurance companies.

In addition, for applicants below 18, if the child is covered by a family insurance policy then there is no need for a separate insurance for the child.
We understand this update has been communicated to all provincial Turkish National Police Foreigners Department offices by the GDMM.


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Comments (7)

4th July 2014 That's very good news for the over 65. But what is happening to the rest of us. What do we need to do,, some people need to renew in august and September are they going to get kicked out.

Margarita Kybartas

5th July 2014 Does this apply to all foreign nationals or just British?


8th July 2014 It applies to all foreign nationals


8th July 2014 So no compulsory insurance required for over 65's. Still leaves us with the responsibility of insuring ourselves anyway. SGK seems the most likely route Presuming this will still be valid for over 65's. Does anyone know if this is the case? Robert


22nd July 2014 It would be good if there were some clarification about the continuing payments of SGK Insurance and cover under the scheme beyond the age of 65. Presumably the SGK will keep on taking the payments but will we be covered?

Glory Ellen

12th September 2014 Tried to renew residency visa today in marmaris and they are still saying they want full health insurance regardless of the fact that one is 65+ Why is this?


9th October 2014 In Alanya too! No residency visa without insurance!

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