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Turkish Lira - Fresh bout of volatility for currency with elections looming

26th March 2019 Turkish lira spikes more than 2% in course of seven minutes
The lira surged more than 2 per cent in a matter of minutes early in the London morning on Tuesday, the latest abrupt move in a jolt of volatility that has taken hold of Turkeys currency.
Between 6.26am and 6.33am GMT, the lira...
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House sales to foreigners soar, domestic sales decline in Turkey

19th March 2019 Residential property sales to foreigners in Turkey posted a considerable rise in February, official data revealed on March 18.
The number of houses sold to foreigners surged 92 percent year-on-year to 3,321 units last month, according to the Turkish Statistics Institute (TÜİK).
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Nearly one million tourists visit Turkey for health tourism

19th March 2019 Turkey attracted nearly 1 million people for health tourism in 2018, said an industry official on March 19.
“Thermal tourism contributes to Turkey's economy with healing waters, as well as seas, rivers and lakes,” Yavuz Yılık, head of the Thermal Health and Tourism Association...
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Turkish economy grows 2.6 pct in 2018

12th March 2019 The Turkish economy grew by 2.6 percent in 2018, the country's statistical authority announced on March 11.
TurkStat noted that gross domestic product (GDP) at current prices totaled 3.7 trillion Turkish liras (some $784 billion) last year.     
The economy contracted 3...
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Transfer from Atatürk to Istanbul Airport to begin on April 5

5th March 2019 Operations from Atatürk Airport to the newly built Istanbul Airport will start being transferred on April 5.
It was previously announced that the new airport would become fully operational on Dec. 31, 2018. The date to move the operations, however, was further delayed to March 3.
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New Traffic Campaign in Turkey - Yaya Öncelikli Trafik Yılı

12th February 2019  
"Yaya Öncelikli Trafik Yılı" which translate to 'Pedestrian priority traffic year'.
2019 Turkey is pushing a new road safety campaign and it’s all about stopping for pedestrians.
Before this, typically drivers would not stop for a pedestrian waiting to cross the...
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Turkish chemist invents break through compound for de-icing roads

15th January 2019 Turkish chemist invents break through compound for de-icing roads
A Turkish chemist has invented a break through new compound for de-icing roads.  The special chemical is 10 times more effective that standard road salt currently used to de-ice roads and highways.
The chemist Yücel...
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Turkish Airlines continue to grow

14th January 2019 Turkish Airlines continue to grow
Turkish Airlines saw a 10% increase in the total number of passangers carried last year.
Approxmiately 75.2 million passengers were carried in 2018 Turkish Airlines has announced.
The seat occupancy reached 82% which was a 3% improvement in a year. ...
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Turkey set to be 5th largest economy worldwide

11th January 2019 Turkey set to be 5th largest economy worldwide
Turkey is predicted to be the world’s 5th largest economy in the world by 2030.  These huge changes come due to a young, educated and expanding middle class in these economies.
Turkey is set to be ahead of Germany, Russia and Japan rising...
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No Recession in Turkey – World Bank reports

10th January 2019 No Recession in Turkey – World Bank reports
Turkey is not expected to have any recession according to a top economist from the World Bank.
"We have looked at what happened when there is a sharp currency depreciation, so we have put together whole data base of years and countries, which...
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