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  • Groupama Sigorta - Health Insurance for Foreigners in Turkey

    YellAli and Groupama have entered a partnership focused on providing access to insurance products for foreigners in Turkey in the English language.
    Groupama’s FIT product is available through YellAli to its members & users.
 Under the arrangement, YellAli users will be able to access details on FIT and
    obtain quotations on their insurance needs.
    By linking up with a company such as Groupama; one of the biggest and most trusted international insurance providers in Turkey; YellAli is able to provide
    its users access to an expert in insurance. Supporting its members in English and providing a full coverage for legal requirements.

    What is FIT? - Health Insurance for Foreigners in Turkey
    With the new law that went into force on April 11th 2014, foreigners applying for residence permits in Turkey are obliged to take a health insurance. Groupama Sigorta have prepared FİT Health Insurance with special benefits!

    With FİT Health Insurance; in case of illness or accident that may occur, examination, treatment and care expenses are guaranteed 24/7 with Groupama Sigorta 24/7 difference! With affordable premiums we provide, subscribe and do not risk your savings! » See full product details here or » Get an instant Online Quote

    About Groupama

    Groupama, the biggest mutual insurance company in France, is the market leader in many lines of business such as agriculture, health insurances and nursing care at home guarantee. Outside of France, Groupama is engaged in Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Turkey, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, China, Vietnam and Tunisia; in total of 11 countries in Europe and Asia. Groupama has 13 million customers and 34,000 employees. The Group is providing products and services adapted to the needs and demands of their clients in insurance and banking sectors. Groupama had started its activities in Turkey in 1991 by acquiring 36% of Güneş Sigorta’s shares. Later, Groupama took over Başak Emeklilik and Başak Sigorta in 2006, and Güven Hayat and Güven Sigorta in 2008. The activities of Başak and Güven companies were merged under the name Groupama Sigorta A.Ş and Groupama Emeklilik A.Ş. in 2009. Groupama is one of the leading company groups in Turkey in Property & Casualty, Life and Private Pension lines of business with TRY 1.086 million of premium production and TRY 705 million of total fund amount in private pension in 2013. Groupama is also among insurance companies having one of the largest distribution channels in Turkey with more than 2300 general agencies, 64 brokers and 1673 Turkish Agricultural Credit Cooperatives (TKK).

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  • Residence Permit in Turkey

    YellAli Foreigner Center, formally known as “Permit in Turkey”. All permit & foreigner services our now offered under the YellAli name, so you have the peace of mind and guarantee of the high quality service of YellAli.

    These services are offered to people throughout Turkey and we provide assistance in all cities, our services are run and operated by a team of highly trained professionals and we also have a team of professional legal consultants on hand.
    We can also provide our services in a range of languages including: English, German, French and of course Turkish.

    We offer professional services for;

    Residence Permits, Work Permits, Translations and Online Insurance Services. The online insurance part of our service is operated via our partner Groupama Insurance. (Groupama Sigorta A.Ş)

    THE YELLALI GUARANTEE - No matter what you need from YellAli Permit Services, you will receive full support, regular updates on your application progress and we will also only accept clients trying to get work or residence permits who we believe will actually get permits. So you won’t be given any false promises and will receive a frank and honest service.

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  • Rent'n Connect

    MGC Legal -