About Founders

Three foreign business partners founded YellAli, in 2012. Its purpose isto support foreigners living in Turkey. The idea come from having lived in Turkey for some years and needing a reliable source of information and services.YellAli was established as an online platform with the latest information foreigners could trust and services to meet the needs of foreigners moving to or already living in Turkey.

The platform, which is YellAli, seeks to help foreigners navigate through the rapidly changing legislation and regulations in Turkey. With over 150,000 pages of content and multiple services YellAli is now a one-stop shopand has built an excellent reputation throughout Turkey.

Over the last 6 years YellAli has had between 50,000 – 80,000 visits per month and services hundreds of clients on a yearly basis.We now have crucial partnerships in place with companies such as Groupama and MGC (a leading legal firm in Istanbul and Turkey), which enable us to provide further services.

The future for YellAli is clear, continue to deliver todays services with the highest level of quality and to expand and meet the on-going changes and demographics of foreigners in Turkey.