One of the biggest cities in Eastern Anatolia

The city of Erzurum is located in the east of Turkey, 250 km north of the Lake of Van, 250 km south of the Black sea coast and 1300 km east of Istanbul. It is one of the biggest cities in Eastern Anatolia
In former times it was an important stop on the Silk Road and still today it is the cultural and economic centre in eastern Turkey. Erzurum has a population of 367.250.
In the past times Erzurum has been hit by many earthquakes but a few historical structures can be visited. They can be found in short distance of each other located near the city center, which offers a rich cultural experience.
Hotels can be found in Erzurum, however the better Hotels are located in the Palandöken Mountains, 4km from Erzurum located at 3000 meters altitude. The nearby mountains of Palandöken are a popular Turkish ski resort.
Mount Palandöken is a natural beauty rising next to the authentic charm of Erzurum. Favored by ski-enthusiasts the area is well-known for its ideal snow quality, as well as the longest ski runs which offer varying degrees of difficulty. The region is number one for skiing in Turkey.
Palandöken is located 15 km's from Erzurum Airport and 10 km’s from the city center

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