Located west to the city of Antalya

Kas is a small fishing and yachting village, about 110 km east of Fethiye on the Lycian part of the mediterranean coast.
The pretty village of Kas has about 7000 inhabitants and is a very popular diving spot with British and German tourists.
Sloping down a steep hill, Kas has an older marina for the gulets and the daily boats and a new private Setur marina for sailing boats on the other side of the peninsula. The old part of the town is closed for traffic; there you will find all the restaurants, cafes and small shops. Most of the hotels and villas are located on the small peninsula. In the town there a plenty of little guest houses and pensions.
Every day there are boat services to the neighbouring Greek island.
In Kas located is a small bus terminal from where buses and dolmus service are heading to Antalya or Fethiye.


History of Kas

The settlement was founded by Lycian settlers under the name Habesos. The village flourished in Hellenistic times and became and important town under roman control. In 1923 the Exchange of population between Greece and Turkey forced the Greeks to move out of the village.





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Fethiye Kalkan

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Dalaman & Antalya Airport

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