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The bustling southern Turkish city of Antalya is well known for its bustling city vibe packed with cosmopolitan energy and lots to see and do. Antalya is the biggest town on the Turkish Riviera,... Read More


Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey with a population of 13.120.596. Contrary to popular belief Istanbul it is not the capitol city of Turkey. Istanbul is the third most visited city in Europe... Read More


The village of Bodrum is located west to the Province of Mugla, 160 km west of Marmaris and 150 km south of Kusadasi. Bodrum has a population of 32.801 which increases in the summer to 118,237.... Read More


Ankara is the capitol city of Turkey, it is the 2nd biggest city with 4.431.719 inhabitants, located in central Anatolia. Ankara is a modern working city and the centre of the Turkish government; it... Read More


Adana is located on the banks of the River Seyhan and 30 km inland from the Mediterranean Sea in central Anatolia, it is the fifth biggest city in Turkey with a population of over 1, 5... Read More


Alanya is located on the south coast of the Mediterranean Sea, 150 km east of Antalya and has a population of 197,455 which increases by four times in the summer months. Alanya is a very popular... Read More


Antakya has a population of 213.581 inhabitants and is located at the banks of the river Orontes in the province of Hatay, surrounded on three sides by mountains which are a source for green marble.... Read More


Bursa is the fourth biggest city in Turkey with 2.6 million inhabitants, it is located 90 km south of Istanbul in the west of Turkey.  Bursa is a busy metropolitan city and an important... Read More


Diyarbakir is one of the largest cities in eastern turkey, about 120 north from the Syrian border with a population of 843.460 being predominantly kurdish inhabitants. The city is located on the... Read More


Once being the capitol if the Ottoman Empire is Edirne today the administrative capitol of the province of Edirne and has a population of 138.000. It’s situated in the border triangle of... Read More


The city of Erzurum is located in the east of Turkey, 250 km north of the Lake of Van, 250 km south of the Black sea coast and 1300 km east of Istanbul. It is one of the biggest cities in Eastern... Read More