Ancient city by the sea

Knidos is an ancient settlement located on the tip of the peninsula of Datca about 35km west of the town of Datca. The ancient city of Knidos had once two harbours, one in the mediterranean and one in the Aegean Sea. Today you can still see the remains of the agora, theatre, an odeum, the temple of Dionysus, the temple of the muses, and the temple of Aphrodite. In ancient times the city was home to over 40,000 Romans who were living there. Sadly, much later it was an earthquake which devastated the town.
The archaeological site is very beautiful with many columns and elaborately etched stone laid out around the site to admire. Sir Charles newton shipped all of the site's statues to the British Museum in London.
Knidos is not as famous as Ephesus, Pamukkale or Troy, but it certainly does not lack in history and is well worth visiting. The location of Knidos is absolutely beautiful, with dramatic views of the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea, the natural setting is one of the most stunning you can imagine. It is also remote and untouched by modern development. Many visitors to the area travel by sea as did the ancient people.
After walking around the site, you can cool down by swimming in the shallow harbor. The water is so blue and the little harbors surrounding the archaeological site with the picturesque white lighthouse on the mountain gives the place a very charming feel.



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