Myra (Demre)


Myra is an ancient town in the hills, located 2.5 km from Demre. It is famous for its many rock carved tombs and for the church where the bishop St. Nicholas lived and worked. The remains of Myra contain of a roman theatre, roman bath and church. The first church of St.Nicholas was built in the 6th century, after earthquakes the church was rebuild on the remains of the old one. The floor of the church is made of colored marble, and some fainted frescoes are visible on the walls.
St.Nicholas was buried in Myra but in 1087 his bones were stolen and are now in Bari/Italy.
Legend has it that he'd drop small bags of gold coins down the chimneys of houses home to poor girls who were old enough to marry, but had no dowry. Sanctified for his good works, he became the patron saint of virgins, sailors, children, pawnbrokers and Holy Russia.



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