One of the most beautiful cities of its time

Perge is located 19 km east of Antalya, it was once an ancient Greek city, which was then ruled by the Roman Empire and was one of the richest and most beautiful cities of its time.

It is quite easy to imagine how life would have been in this city. Today you can explore the impressive remains of Perge, the ancient ruins include the massive Hellenistic-Roman gate-towers, the impressive great theatre, the stadium, the southern baths, the agora and the acropolis, you can’t help but admire how magnificent this site is, there is a lot to see. Visitors are allowed to walk the entire grounds of the site at their leisure.
The ruins at Perge (English is Perga) were never pillaged or ransacked. An earthquake destroyed the city which remained untouched until Turkish archeologists discovered it. Many of the beautiful sculptures and artifacts from this ancient city are in the Perga museum in Antalya, which are in spectacular shape. There is still so much at this site to be excavated and restored and today archeologists continue to work on the site.

Perge is the nearest significant Roman ruin to Antalya, just 18km from the center.




Additional information

It is recommended to use a tour guide. If you are visiting during the peak summer months it’s a good idea to see the site early before it gets too hot and take plenty of fluids and wear good shoes.
The toilets are located outside the site in the parking place.


Opening times:

Every day from 10:00am – 05:00pm, entrance fee is 15 TL.






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