Saklikent Canyon (Fethiye)


Saklikent Gorge is the second largest gorge in Europe which spans a whopping 20 km in length.
 It is also the deepest gorge (a narrow valley between mountains with a stream running through) in Turkey.
Visitors access the gorge via an entrance which sits under a bridge over the stream. A narrow walkway which is suspended from the rock wall then leads you into the gorge.
Once inside you will be dazzled by the Ulupinar springs which bubble up from under the cliffs as you travel through this magnificent rocky landscape.
A day out here is the perfect way to grab some shade and cool down amidst the soaring Turkish sunshine.
The shade from the cool rock faces and the sprays of icy cold water give a cooling effect as you wade through the stream nestled between the cliffs.
If you choose to visit in the height of summer be prepared to share the narrow walkways with lots of other tourists.  This means that you’ll need to be patient whilst moving around with or without the help of a guide.
The gorge starts to attract visitors from April, when the area becomes walk-able and safe after the winter snow has melted on the Taurus Mountains.
Saklikent is also a lovely place to check out small intimate riverside eateries which offer an authentic and traditional ambiance decked out with wooden platform areas which are suspended above the water.
Here you can simply sit back and relax and soak up some sun (or shade) whilst lounging in the comfort of Turkish rugs and cushions, with a cold beer (or a soft drink) in hand. The menus here also offer all of the usual foods, but they’re also infamous for serving up seriously delicious ‘fresh’ trout.





Additional information
It’s advised that you come armed with a change of clothes (as you’re definitely going to get wet) and some sports sandals or rubber shoes (not flip flops), that’ll help you work your way through the water.
The gorge is open from the April 1 to September 30.  The best time to visit is in the morning or late afternoon to avoid tour groups in the high season (mid-summer).
Entrance fee is around 4.50 TL per person





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