Aphrodisias is one of the best preserved historical sites in Turkey. It is located 155km east of Kusadasi and 100 inland from the coast. The nearest village to the site is Geyre.
Excavations revealed that the earliest settlement must have been 3000 BC but the name Aphrodisias was given in the 3rd century BC in Hellenistic times.
The city was built near a marble quarry that was mined in Hellenistic and roman times. Many great schools of sculpturing had been here, this is why so many statues, temples, beautifully decorated sarcophagi and pilasters have been found. Aphrodisias was dedicated to the goddess of Love and holds a temple of Aphrodite which was the most important building in town.
You can still see a council house, agora, theater, a stadium, baths and a monumental gateway built out of blue marble.
In the Museum of Aphrodisias you can see many of the artifacts that had been excavated on the site.




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