Side Ruins (Antalya)

Ancient Greek/Roman site

Just east (75 km) of Antalya, is home to the small town of Side and just outside of Side, lies the ancient side ruins.
The Side Roman/Greek ruins have been hailed as one of the most classical sites in Turkey.
This is in part due to the fact that they are also known as being one of the most spectacular remains in the modern world that showcases authentic Greek history from the era of the Roman Empire.
The ruins make for the perfect photo opportunity as they house an ancient amphitheatre and a host of statues.
Historically Side was founded by Greek settlers from Cyme in Aeolis (a region of western Antatolia).
Back then circa 7th century BC, Side was known as a trading centre. According to historic stories, it is said that once the Greek settlers came to Side, they could not understand the dialect and after awhile they forgot their native Greek and started to speak in the local language (Turkish) and eventually forgot their Mother tongue.
Although it seems that Side became a melting pot, many of the excavations are written in Greek.
Nowadays this ancient landscape showcases the skills that the Romans used to combine elements of Greek culture, which they are known to have admired. This architectural admiration can be found at the most prominent site at Side, this being the 2nd century AD ancient theatre.
Onlookers will be left in awe of this theatres unique combination of design which derives from its Roman construction. Every inch of the building tells a story steeped in Greek heritage.
Sides, other famous fascinating remains are the temples of Apollo and Athena, which are picture perfectly set at the tip of Side’s harbour.
These ancient columns are set amidst a backdrop of the pretty Mediterranean sea, which makes it an ideal sightseeing hotspot.
A visit to Side is a great chance to dig into Turkey’s historic past and learn more about the melting pot of cultures.  As well as being steeped in historic fodder for the eyes, Side is also home to shops, bars, restaurants and a sandy beach.
However, this ancient walled village does keep its historic flavour as it is made up of low rise hotels and stone buildings.
Anyone interested in history, will find themselves in paradise in Side. Not only because of the beautiful Greek and Roman architecture. But also because of the overall peaceful and historic essence of this town, which offers a relaxing and enjoyable visit.


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