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Arykanda (Arycanda) are the remains of an old Lycian city, located 32km near to Finike in the province of Antalya. It was one of the oldest settlements in Lycia dating back to 5th and 6th century BC.
The city was built on 5 large terraces; on the upper one you can see the ruins of Hellenistic houses, the temple of Helios, council house and the upper agora with its shops. The lower city houses most of the roman remains which are: a bath complex still virtually intact, gymnasium and the lower agora. The lower agora is wide and flat and was enclosed on three sides by a portico. In the middle are the remains of Tyche temple. A theater was built in the 1st century AD with 20 rows of seats. At the edge of every row are post holes that were used to support porch roofs.
A stadium that was dedicated to the emperor Hadrian was built in the 2nd century AD. Two cemeteries are still visible; the one at the entrance to the site shows beautiful rich decorations.


Nearest to:

Kas: 103 km driving time 1hr 45min by car
Fethiye: 142 km, driving time 2hrs 40 min by car
Antalya: 145 km, driving time 2hrs.45 min by car


How to get there:

Some travel agencies are offering excursions to Arycanda.
If you whish to go by bus on your own you have to take a bus to Finike, change into a smaller bus or dolmus to Elmali, leave the bus in the village of Arifköy and walk about 30 min to the entrance of the site.

By car from Kas: on the D400 in direction Finike from there to the left in direction Elmali, the site is near the village Arifköy.
By car from Fethiye: on the D350 in direction Elmali/Antalya, in Elmali to the left in direction Finike, the site is near the village Arifköy.
By car from Antalya: on the D350 in direction Korkuteli, from there on the D635 in direction Elmali, in Elmali to the left in direction Finike, the site is near the village Arifköy.

Opening times:

All year around

Additional information:

Bring plenty of liquids and food with you. The site is in 720m – 820m height, it is strenuous in the heat.
Sensible shoes are required.
Not suitable for smaller children and disabled persons.





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