Ancient City

Aspendos was originally an ancient Greek city before being taken over by the Romans; it is located 47 km from modern Antalya.
Apart from the impressive theatre, there is not much left of the city due to earthquakes over time.
Aspendos is home to the best preserved Roman theatre in Turkey and one of the best in the world.
The theater was built in the 1st century AD. The Seljuks used it as a caravanserai and the Seljuks of Rum converted it into a palace. A small part of the theater was built so that it leaned against the hill; the wooden ceiling to cover the stage has been lost over time. In the upper level of the theater post holes for 58 pylons have been found. These pylons supported porch roofs to protect the spectators from rain or sunshine.
Until recently the theatre was still in use for concerts, ballet, opera and events. Due to some damage caused by fitting modern theatrical equipment during these events the Turkish authorities have suspended further shows. A new modern facility known as Aspendos Arena has been constructed nearby to continue the tradition of open air theatre in Aspendos.



Nearest to:

Antalya 48 km, driving time 1 hr. by coach
Alanya 93 km, driving time 1 hr. 49 min by coach



How to get there:

From Antalya: on the D400 in direction Alanya, at Belkis junction to the left.
From Alanya: on the D44 in direction Antalya, at Belkis junction to the right.


Opening times

Every day from 10:00am – 05:00 pm


Additional Information:

Bring plenty of fluids in the summer.





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