Ancient ruins

Bergama (ancient Pergamon) is located 100km north of Izmir and 250 south of Canakkale.
In Ancient times it was renowned for its great library and the medical center where Galen laid the foundation for medical practice

In Pergamon you can still see: the foundation of the altar which is believed to de dedicated to Zeus. The upper part is in the Pergamon museum in Berlin.
The theater in Pergamon is the steepest of any known theater in former times.
The sanctuary of Trajan, the sanctuary of Athena, the royal palaces, a shrine where the kings of Pergamon were worshiped, the temple of Dionysus, roman bath complex and the arsenals.
The library on the acropolis is the second best in the ancient Greek civilisation.
In the lower part of the acropolis you can see the upper- , lower, - and middle gymnasium, the temple of Demeter, the sanctuary of Hera and the house of Attalus.
Down in the valley was the sanctuary of Asclepius, the god of healing. Other structures include: the roman theater, the North Stoa, the temple of Asclepius, a circular treatment center, a healing spring, an underground passageway and a library.
The “Red basilica” is a temple dedicated to the gods of Isis and Serapis are about a kilometer south of the acropolis.


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The antic site is opened daily from 08:30am – 06:00pm.


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Take plenty of fluids in the summer
Sensible shoes are required
Not recommended for children and disabled persons.
A minimum of fitness is required.

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